About Us

Pretty Black Money is a directory for black-owned beauty supply stores. We continue to improve this site to help you easily locate one in your area. The content within Pretty Black Money includes subjects about fashion hacks, beauty trends, black literature, poems, and mindfulness.

Why We Do It

We created this site as a solution to the lack of customer care that some Asian-owned businesses had demonstrated. Aside from these experiences, owners of these stores owners rarely live or support communities where they operate a business. They aren’t even consumers of the products they sell.

Black women are the main consumers in nail salons and beauty supply stores. I’ve never seen an Asian person shopping next to me or getting their nails done. Have you? I admire and even respect the business practice of the Asian community. However, a black-owned beauty supply or nail salon should earn no less than 80% of the market share, (providing it has what we need). There should not be a struggling B.O. beauty supply store or nail salon owner; not in this niche. We, as a cultlure and community spend too much money in this space to lose this market. Pretty Black Money is made to redirect our dollars to black business owners in hopes of circulating those same dollars back into our communities.

The Problem

Asian-owned beauty supply stores and nail salons are heavy in our communities. We perceive this as a major problem. They have made so much money targeting us while their support goes towards their communities, schools, and the businesses within their culture. We don’t blame them, because it’s probably basic economics for them. 

Now is the time to begin to contribute to our own economic well-being. Especially in industries where we dominate as consumers.

The Solution

Can you imagine all that money being redirected to our black-owned beauty supply stores and nail salons? Getting help from someone who understands your hair and culture styles. The smiles and laughter you’ll experience since it’s a normal thing in our conversations. No more listening to languages you don’t understand while getting your nails done. 

The Best Way to Interact With This Directory

Within our directory, you’ll be able to leave a review on a business listing. Once you find your black-owned beauty supply store and/or nail salon be sure to bookmark it. When you visit a store that is doing a good job at serving our community, be sure to leave them a positive review. The Asians are still the dominant business owners in our neighborhoods, so they’re still operating with that disadvantage. Let them know that you appreciate their efforts. It’ll keep them uplifted and encourage others to visit their business. 

Help Businesses Improve

If you notice areas where our black-owned beauty businesses can improve, try reaching out to the owners before leaving an unfavorable review. If you’re not able to talk to the owner privately in the store, send an email or a direct message to their social media pages. Let them know the day and time you visited their store, along with the experience you had. Let’s give them the same chances that we may have given to other businesses. 

Other Ways to Get Involved

This is a Movement! We’re going to need each and every one of your support to correct this narrative. Share PrettyBlackMoney.com. Tell a friend or family member, and connect with us on our social media pages.

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